2002-10-20  International Exhibition "SIAL 2002"

October 2002 TREST "B" participates in SIAL 2002, a major international exhibition of food industry professionals that took place in the period from 20 to 24 October in Paris. Companies from 94 countries introduced their production manufactured worldwide. Accredited were over 130 000 professional participants involved into production, sales and promotion. During these five days, Paris became the world’s gastronomic capital. Introduced in this exhibition for the first time, TREST "B" sauces attracted much interest, for there are no analogs produced by anyone else in the world. Originality, quality, taste and natural characteristics were specially appreciated. Many positive mentions were expressed in respect of the design, exclusive bottle and labels. At close of the exhibition, TREST "B" established business relations for trade creation with distributors from theUSA, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Ireland and India. Negotiations are under way to deliver TREST "B" Tkemali and Satsebeli sauces to the said countries.