Press release

2002-10-21  "Breakthrough in gastronomic space"

The Swiss company "TREST "B" S.A." has contributed in "Golden Fund" of natural, non-polluting food, having put on the market the first line of unique sauces output "of home taste" and of the highest quality.

The sauces Tkemahly and Sazhebely are created on the basis of the ancient Georgian home cooking formula without conserving agents, stains, flavors or any adds. During cooking it was possible to keep "living" odour of grasses and spices, and also all useful unique properties.

Bright colour of the ancient home cooking formula in combination to the Swiss quality has allowed creating something unusual, not having of clones in a world. The sauces Tkemahly and Sazhebely are a peculiar breakthrough in "gastronomic space" ! The southern sun force, natural vitamins usefulness, the unique properties of Pectin, unusual taste, colour and fancy odour, were added up that it is accepted to call as a bouquet. The first seven numbers of sauces Tkemahly and Sazhebely of the company "TREST "B" S.A." are the seven links of world culinary "precious ancient necklace" capable to decorate anyone feasts.