Our products

The concept

"We have one principle, by which one we can not sacrifice even for an economic gain: " The nutrition should be very tasty, useful and meets the highest standards of quality."

Following to the main principle, we guarantee to a customer of our commodity:
  • Usage of the original home products cooking formula.
  • Rigid observance of technology and control of production permitting to support on invariable a high level quality of products, their useful and gustatory properties.
  • Engaging of the high quality specialists in the field of production of natural food products.
  • Our products assortment, permanently increasing during time.
  • Everyday presence of our products at the best food stores of our Capital and cities of Russia.
The Swiss accuracy and high quality in combination by the original home cooking formulas have created unique on refinement and quality the product - Tkemali and Satsebeli sauces. In them were kept in inviolability not only curative force and all set of natural vitamins, but also unique "home" colour, taste and odour - that the exquisite gourmets call by a bouquet.
The sauces of the TREST "B" are the present find for those who loves to have a meal tasty, but carefully monitors behind the health and figure. To us is joy to realize that for the first two years the sauces have conquered large popularity among the buyers and have received some awards on the international exhibitions.